roadtripping with strangers:
an uncommon delight!
to journey down
the West Coast,
retracing a route known
to my aching thighs,
my strained solei,
gluteus maximi,
astride two wheels—those
were the days, but now,
years later, on four wheels
the ride is smoother, swifter,

condensed, temporally
but at the same time
expanded! new places,
new faces, every day brought
something new, marvelously
unexpected; we welcomed
the novelty;
we rolled with it

roadtripping with strangers:
rife with awkward moments!
being two persons, one male
and one female, of proximate age,
we presented
an archetype
from which many conclusions
were drawn, all of them
incorrect—yet utterly
predictable, anticipated
—still awkward

awkward, at times
but occasionally, hilariously
perfect! when asked at one point,
far along the trip,
where did you find this guy?”
my co-navigator replied,
deadpan, “Craigslist.”
and the truth
rang free


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