Author’s note: A most-wanted list compiled in early 2011, arranged in no particular order:


The ability to fly, preferably on feathered wings

Rustic cabin near the sea, complete with farm, barn, vineyard, and darkroom

Inability to feel envious or inadequate

Near-perfect pitch

A cure for human profligacy and general callousness



Real fulfillment—no more self-deception

Open-mindedness the world over

Steady paycheck

Eyes that live to see the discovery of life beyond our biosphere



More happy, less sad

Candor over pretense; kindness as the rule

Kitchen outfitted with a wood-fired oven and flattop grill

Inspiration enough to write for the rest of my life

Never losing the yen to learn

Swimming pool

Time machine with hot-keys for “Late Cretaceous”, “Ionian Pleistocene”, and “1492”, among others

Real friendship, true love

Yearly camping trips and bike tours and backpacking adventures until we’re old and infirm




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